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multiple tvs in same room and each remote controls all the tvs

I am using three NS-39DF510NA19 (39" Insignia Fire) TVs in same room and want each remote to contol only its designated tv. How do I get them paired correctly. Right now if i want to change a source or channel all change not the tv I was trying to switch. Advise anybody?

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Re: multiple tvs in same room and each remote controls all the tvs

I don't think you are going to be able to do that.  They all use the same coding for the remote.  Your best option woudl be to have three different brands of TV and three remotes.


I do not believe the remote for those models has the ability to multitask 


Some TV's you can go into the menu settings  and specify a remote code. You then get a universal remote that will have buttons to let you control a specific TV.  We have them at my office where we have multiple TV's (monitors) in the same meeting room.  And you will see that in sports bars quite often.


You could put aluminum foil over the sensors of the 2 you don't want to change.


You can also put a toilet paper tube over the end of the remote to make it more directional 

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