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Two Insignia NS-32DF310NA19, One Smart Remote

I purchased two NS-32DF310NA19's (one brand new, one open box without remote) to use as monitors for a home office set up (laptop).  I have the correct dual monitor docking station, cables, etc, however I cannot proceed past "Choose Your Language" with TV1, as the remote syncs with one tv only.  I reset TV2 and tried to initiate set up simultanteously...nope.  I bought an Insignia universal remote to set up TV1...nope.  That remote isn't bluetooth and lacks the *home* button to sync.  I've been told that I would need to buy a smart universal remote, set it up from my PC, and then program TV1, however is that correct? Is all that necessary? The tv's lack buttons, so I cannot manually select through the initial set up.  Have tried unpairing remote from TV2, but it appears that I have to reset to factory defaults and then I'm in the same boat again unpairing from TV1 to TV2 and the cycle would continue.


Has anyone encountered this before and found a reasonable fix?  Would the actual remote that was supposed to come with the TV work?  Would a 2nd identical remote sync with TV1 if I unplug TV2 during set up? Great deal on the 32" units made them less expensive than actual computer monitors, so that's why I went with the tv's as monitors options.  Right now, I have a 32" mirror & regrets at my "great buy".