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Re: 47" tv blacks out

I have a similar problem with the same model number. Only it blacks out  and then comes back after a few minutes. I can still hear the audio. Its only when I play dvd's. It is hooked up via HDMI through an LG 5.1 home theater with upscaling for the built in DVD.




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Re: 47" tv blacks out

i bought my dad a 26" less than 2 yrs ago and that started happening to his after a year and a half.  no warranty after a year and they wouldn't help me out.  my suggestion, take it back and get yourself a real tv (sony, samsung, etc) while you still can.
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Re: 47" tv blacks out

Hello rpeters,

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I'll be happy to look into this concern but I'll need some additional information.  What is the brand and model of your DVD player?  Have you tried the DVD player on another TV?  If you'll respond with answers and with any additional details that might help us, we can research the problem and provide options.

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Re: 47" tv blacks out

DVD player: LG integrated surround sound system(LHT854)  hooked up with a Rocketfish HDMI cable for movie play back and coaxial for Satelite TV viewing (switching to S-video/RCA soon). Only makes screen black out during DVD playback. Sound can still be heard. This is intermittant. I watched 2 movies today. The first had a couple black outs and the 2nd had many.
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Re: 47" tv blacks out

Hi rpeters,


Will you please provide some further information?

  1. Have you tried connecting the DVD with a different cable (either another HDMI or another type of cable, like Component, RCA, coaxial)?
  2. Can you try the DVD Player on another TV and see if the issue remains?
  3. Does this happen with all DVD discs you try to play?
  4. Have you tried all HDMI port in the TV?



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