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Registered: ‎06-23-2009

NS-LCD32-09 Giving off large amounts of IR (Infrared) Noise - Can't use cable boxes

Due to an extreme amount of IR noise coming off of the Insignia LCD television I am unable to utilize certain cable boxes.  I have done some research and noticed that several other LCD brands also suffer from this.  For example, Samsung released a version of a TV where they had a faulty inverter card in the televisions and are replacing them.


Is there any known issues, or firmware fixes for this issue on this model of television?  I find this amazing that a product with such a widespread distribution failed to notice such a large IR noise footprint which is preventing me from utilizing any cable boxes within 5+ feet of the television.


As an aside, I am a Network Administrator and have done a fair amount of troubleshooting to resolve the problem such as:  

-Making sure it's not the remote control

-Switching out cable set-top boxes (happens only near this Insignia television)

-Have even replaced the U-Verse set-top box just to be on the safe side.

-Can turn television off and cable boxes instantly respond to IR signals, turn television back on and the problem rears it's ugly head again


Appreciate any assistance you can give on this incredibly annoying matter.