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Insignia Fire TV Stuck on Language Screen


I've had the 39" Insginia Fire tv for 4 months now and it has worked just fine. All day, it has been stuck on the choose your language screen and none of the buttons on the remote work to get out of it. The only button that works is the power button. I have tried holding the pause/play and selection button down at the same time. I've tried holding down the home button. I've taken the batteries out and put them back in the remote. I've unplugged it several times- once for about 5 hours and still cannot get out of this screen. Please help! 

Model # NS-39DF510NA19

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Re: Insignia Fire TV Stuck on Language Screen

Exact same problem on my 32" I just got yesterday...stuck on the "CHOOSE YOUR LANGUAGE" screen. Remote powers TV on and off just fine. I replaced remote batteries with brand new ones, unplugged and plugged TV back in, held TV physical power button until it restarted...nothing has worked to allow me to select my language and get past this screen. Let me know if you come up with a solution. My model is NS-32DF310NA19
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Re: Insignia Fire TV Stuck on Language Screen

Good Morning,


Welcome to our community! Thank you for sharing that you’re both having some issues with your Insignia televisions. I’d be happy to see if I can provide some troubleshooting advice for you.


Have you tried the following steps? I’d highly recommend trying the following suggested steps noted below.


It’s possible that your remote may not be synced to your TV currently. On our Fire TV remotes only the power button works on IR and the rest of the buttons work on Bluetooth. You can try to Factory Reset the Voice Remote by pressing and holding the following:


DPAD-left (←), back () and menu (≡) buttons for 10 seconds.


If this doesn’t prove to be fruitful then I’d recommend trying a Hard Factory Reset.


Unplug the TV from the power, while unplugged press and hold the physical TV's Power button, do not release, keep holding and plug the TV to the power. Continue holding the physical Power Button on the TV and when you see the Fire TV logo on the TV screen, release the Power Button and follow the on-screen instructions.


To pair the remote again, on the initial screen after the Factory Reset, press and hold, for more than 15 seconds up to 2 minutes, the Home button (🏠).


Please let us know if those steps do not work and we’d be happy to what further advice we can share with you!



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Re: Insignia Fire TV Stuck on Language Screen

Pressing and holding the home button for 15 seconds while the three dots were scrolling on the bottom of the screen did the trick for me. Thanks!