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IS-TV040919 - Won't turn on.

The other night, my wife turned on the TV (via the remote) and it immediately turned off. I've been unable to get it to fire up via either the push button on the front or the remote. I've experienced a problem with the pushbutton being non-responsive a couple of time over the last year, but was always able to control the on/off function with the remote.


- Is there some secret combination of buttons that may have been accidentally pushed and need to be pushed again to clear this up?

- Is there a reset anywhere that I may need to activate?

- Is there a replaceable fuse inside that may have blown?

- Is there a known problem with the on/off function on these units? If so, what's the fix?


This is a little used bedroom set that, while 3 years old, it has been used the equivalent of 12 - 18 months compared to my other older sets in the family room & rec room that are on for 6-8 hours a dayI've got to say, I've never had a 2.5 year old low use TV crap out like this and can't imagine a manufacturer not building better units in this day and age.


I'd appreciate all the help you can provide.


Thanks, DALow

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Re: IS-TV040919 - Won't turn on.

Hello DALow,


Welcome to the forums!  You ask good questions.  Here are the answers as provided by our technical team:  There is no "secret combination" that may have been pressed that would cause this kind of issue.  To reset the TV, simply unplug it for 1-2 minutes and try to turn it on again.  If this doesn't work, service may be required.  None of the internal parts are owner accessible, so a technician would have to complete the repair if one is required.


I hope this helps.


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