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Bought this Tv in February 2019 and now it has major audio issues . Even when we turn the volume very high it is hard to understand anything - music on the other hand is loud . Please help
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While this can indicate an issue with the television, the most likely culprit is a setting on the source device. Digital audio has 2 flavors: Dolby Digital (sometimes labeled bitstream, digital, etc) and PCM (sometimes stereo or downmix). If your tv is getting a signal that is intended for decoding by a surround sound system, it can often exhibit the sound anomaly that you’re describing.

What is the source this happens on? Cable box, Blu-Ray? Even if it was not doing this until recently, know that a software update can default some of these settings to the out of the box state.
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Thanks for your reply . We tried everything but nothing seems to work . We are streaming on Hulu to understand something we turn up the volume to at least 37
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I apologize for my tardy reply, but I'd be happy to ask a few more questions to see if I can help you pinpoint the issue or help point you in the correct direction for further assistance. Can you please confirm you’re streaming HULU using your TV’s Fire TV capabilities? Also, to piggyback off of jdogg836’s question, do you have any components connected to your TV? A soundbar, a receiver, a DVD player, etc. How do you have those items connected if do have them?


Have you tried to reset your TV back to factory settings? I look forward to your reply to learn more about your issue, if you’re still in need of assistance on this matter.



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