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Casting Issues

Roku TV 7301X

Insigna model: N5-43DR620NA18

Software Version: 8.2.0 Build 4170-31

Software Date: 03/20 @ 16:37 (4:37 PM) CST

Device Connect: Enabled


Havent had this TV for even a year yet. 


I have been mirroring to it withour any issues in the time that I have owned it. Yesterday I found I was unable to mirror to it. After a few hours I was advised to reset the TV to defaults. I did that and was able to mirror to it.


Now it's the next day and I am unable to mirror to it at all. Another reset and still unable to connect / cast to it in anyway.


I was able to cast to it using my laptops, desktops, phone, & tablets. That is no longer working from any device.


The TV transitions to screen with the progress bar and the "Starting video from..." message. The bar stalls at 33%. All devices behave and show that they are connected. The TV simply refuses to progress to actually displaying the cast and mirrored media.


I am not having any issue with any other Roku based device that I own.


As I stated.. I have already reset and re-configured the TV twice (once today & once yesterday). The reset on yesterday worked. The reset today has made no impact.


Note... all deviced tested have priviously connected to this TV without issue. It is not a network issue. Nohting has changed with anything locally other Roku updating itself yesterday and today (03/20 @4:37 last update time).

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Re: Casting Issues

Hello there,


Based on what you've been able to do so far, I would recommend you contact Insignia  at 1-877-467-4289 for further assistance and real-time troubleshooting on this issue. Have a good day!

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