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24 " LED TV NS-24D420NA16

Just bought this TV  11-25-2015. Audio is awful...sounds like a tin can, tried all the audio options. Anyone have a solution?

Can I add auxiliary speakers to make sound better? I'm a senior citizen and difficult to maneuver to return. Any suggestion would be appreciated. If all else I will return after the craze of black friday ...Thank you!

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Re: 24 " LED TV NS-24D420NA16

Hello mkd,

Welcome to Community@ Insignia™!


The sound from flat screens has been described as tin-y. The sound quality is due to the TVs becoming thinner and thinner (because us consumers want them thinner) and the speakers suffer because of it. 


Yes, you are able to connect external speakers to the TV using either the 3.5mm headphone jack or the digital coaxial output connection. 

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