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Vizio Internet Network Speed Problems

I’m experiencing a similar Internet connectivity problem with my M70-C1 from Vizio. The TV is connected to the Internet via a wired connection. The speed coming out of the junction box on the wall measures 50Mbps; however, when running a speed test using the TV, speeds of only 9-13Mbps can be achieved.

Similarly, I am experiencing “Buffering” and “Slow Speed” messages when I try to launch “Netflix” or my “Firestick”. I had my Internet provider technician visit my home and run numerous speed tests, which resulted in the Internet service running perfectly. As an added step, the same technician and I spoke with Vizio, which was a waste, for they informed us as long as the TV was achieving a speed above 1Mbps, the TV was working fine.

The technician and the information that appears on your forum seem to suggest that the problem lies with the quality of the TV’s manufacturer’s “Network Card”.


 I possess two questions?


  1. If I am receiving a speed of 50Mbps, would not a better network card achieve an exact speed or a speed close to 50Mbps?
  2. Does Vizio possess a better quality network card, if not can it be purchased via a third party vendor?