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TV Tipping Prevention

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist ‎04-02-2018 04:10 PM - edited ‎04-20-2018 01:57 PM (2,680 Views)

With curious pets and rambunctious kids you may often wonder if your TV is at risk of tipping. Unfortunately, this does happen. According to the Consumer Technology Association about every 45 minutes a child visits the ER with injuries related to a TV tipping over. I’d be happy to make some recommendations to keep your family safe, and your TV investment better protected.


Mounting: Choosing to mount your TV is the best way to keep it secured, and your family safe.


Not sure which mount you should choose for your home? Check out our Mount Finder here!


Anti-Tip Straps: If mounting the TV isn’t an option due to the TVs placement, or other factors please consider purchasing anti-trip straps. These straps will ensure if your TV wobbles it won’t fall down.


Cord Management: Loose cords can be an issue if they’re not properly secured.  Ensuring loose cords are out of reach, and neatly tucked away is important. Little ones and felines, alike, may think a loose cords are a fun new toy.


If you’re not a DIYer please know our Geek Squad would be more than happy to help with getting your TV secured, and cords managed. You can checked out the services offered by Geek Squad by visiting their page.


Please visit us here to learn more about TV Safety! 


*Please note some associations, or complexes may be against the use of tethers or mounting due to holes that need to drilled in the wall for support. I recommend checking with your handbook if you own/rent a home that may be subject to specific rules or guidelines.