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Kenwood Stereo

I had purchased the KDC-BT555U Kenwood stereo a while back. I have been using an iPhone 4s and it has worked great with my stereo allowing me to connect through USB or Bluetooth and make/answer calls and choose music to listen to all without even touching my phone. I have been able to do all this all through my stereo alone, as long as my phone was connected somehow. 

However, I'm wanting to switch my iPhone 4s over for a Galaxy s5 but when reading my manual I noticed that it says this stereo was "Made for iPod and iPhone." I'm worried that if I switch phones, my cell phone will no longer be compatible with my stereo. 
Does this stereo only have these features for the iPhone or all smart phones?
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Re: Kenwood Stereo

This isn't my area of expertise, but looking up the KDC-BT555U, it shows that it will work with all smartphones that have Bluetooth. The calling will for sure work and it says that it has Pandora support for all devices. The only thing that's really specific to iPhones is "1-touch access to Apple's® Siri®" as well as "a host of other voice supported functions on your iPhone® 4S/5.
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