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Unable to use bonus reward online

I received a $10 bonus reward certificate in the mail. I'm trying to use it online, and the instructions say to enter the certificate number during the checkout. There are a few numbers on the certificate that could all feasibly be the "certificate number," but none of them work. I always get some response saying the entry is invalid no matter which number I enter.

How exactly can I use this certificate online? Is there some trick to entering the certificate number? And which number actually is the certificate number?
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Re: Unable to use bonus reward online

Usually the certificate number is right below the barcode (if there is one) or it's printed towards the top and labelled as such. On some occasions, I've seen other formats, but that's generally how it appears. If you have more than one My Best Buy™ membership, that could be causing the error as certificates can only be used when attached to the membership they were issued to.


Alternatively, you can try to see if the certificate/offer is listed in your online account. The first article below explains the steps in more detail.


How to Utilize My Best Buy™ Offers

How to Merge My Best Buy™ Rewards Accounts

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Re: Unable to use bonus reward online

Good afternoon, tdorf,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum, and thank you for connecting with us. Smiley Happy


This is the time of year when a bonus certificate can really come in handy.  Maybe you have one or two more gifts to purchase and a bonus certificate would help tie the ribbon on your holiday shopping for the year.  I will have to double check the mail when I get home. The option to manually enter a certificate during checkout on was removed a few years ago, and in most cases, a certificate will already be attached to a member's rewards account and they would just need to select the certificate during checkout.  Did the mailer you receive mention a start and end date for the bonus certificate?  


Happy Holidays!

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