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Re: Unable to Report Missing Points

I have the same issue. Tried to send a private message was told I've exceeded the number of private messages I can send. Hint: I haven't sent any private messages.
Of course, it waited until I had taken the time to compose the message and get all the data before it told me that.
I'm starting to remember why I never bother with Best Buy's reward program(s).
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Re: Unable to Report Missing Points

Good evening, heygar,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum, and thank you for posting. Smiley Happy


Have you heard the news?!?  There is this handy dandy tool on where our members can report purchases as "missing."  Not missing as if the purchase fell into that abyss between the car seat and center console, rather a purchase that was for whatever reason not attached to a rewards account when it was first processed.  Just like the president of the Hair Club for Men was also a client, I am also a My Best Buy™ member, and I have used the tool on several occasions to report my own purchases with great results.


There are a few boxes that need to be checked before a purchase can be reported as missing. A purchase cannot already be attached to a rewards account, cannot be more than 180 days old, and cannot have been processed prior to actually enrolling in the My Best Buy™ program.  Also, an order placed on will need to have first been fulfilled (shipped or picked up) before it can be reported.  The same would apply to a purchase that has been scheduled for delivery or installation.  You are likely to encounter some sort of error when trying to report a purchase if any of those boxes go unchecked.


Please try to report your purchase again, if you haven't tried already, and send me a private message with the information listed below if you have any trouble.  A private message can be sent by first logging into the forum and then clicking on the blue button in my signature that just so happens to be labeled "Private Message."  You may want to clear cache and cookies before you try sending another private message.


Phone #
Email address

Order #/Receipt pin #


How Do I Report Missing My Best Buy™ Points?

Having an issue sending us a Private Message as requested?


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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