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Re: Account Hacked and Rewards Stolen

Hello I am having the same issue someone keeps syphoning all of my points I signed in today and found as I am collecting it’s being siphoned out. I noticed something while making a purchase where my phone number information pulled all the incorrect info such as my address and email. Can you please assist we are talking a lot of points
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Re: Account Hacked and Rewards Stolen

Good evening, ReneilMaraj,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum, and thank you for connecting with us. Smiley Happy


I can imagine the questions that ran through your head after logging into your rewards account to find that points may have gone missing.  It may have felt as if someone had looked through your wallet.  Have you reset your password yet?  If not, then you may want to consider it.  Before you do that though, are you positive someone else has been taking points from your rewards account?  I took a quick glance at your rewards account using the email address that you registered with the forum, and while points have been converted into certificates over the past couple of months, those certificates are still currently active.


A certificate will be automatically issued based on a member's certificate preference and be valid for a period of 60 days unless noted otherwise, So, while it may appear as if someone has been "syphoning" points from your rewards account, it could just be that certificates were automatically issued.  A deduction or negative point adjustment will be displayed in your rewards history when points are converted into a certificate.  I would have to assume that if someone other than yourself were logging into your rewards account and taking points that they would also redeem the certificates.


Again, you may want to consider resetting your password.  I would be more than happy to take a closer look at your rewards account and review it with you if after a second look you still feel that someone is taking your points.  We can even look into changing your certificate preference so that certificates are not automatically issued so quickly.  I would just need you to please send me a private message with the information listed below by clicking on the blue button found in my signature.



Phone #

Email address


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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