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Purchase not showing up on my purchases, but I have my Member ID on receipt

Dear BestBuy's Support Team,

I bought a laptop and got my correct Member ID on the receipt. However, it is not showing up on my purchases. What should I do?



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Re: Purchase not showing up on my purchases, but I have my Member ID on receipt

Hi, Filipe,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum!


The purchase of a laptop could potentially result in a fair amount of points, so I can understand wanting to make sure your purchase is properly attached to your rewards account.  Each and every point counts when trying to earn that next certificate.  Hmm...the purchase should be displayed when you login to your rewards account if your rewards ID is displayed on the receipt.  Was this a recent purchase?  If not, then you may just need to adjust the search time frame in your rewards history.  I would suggest changing it to at least last year.


It could also mean that you currently have more than one rewards account and a merge needs to be processed.  It is common for a member to at some point in time to have more than one rewards account, and in-fact, I somehow ended up with three rewards accounts of my own a couple years ago.  The merge process definitely came in handy then.  Before we even cross that bridge though, please double check your rewards history again.  If you still don't see the purchase, then send me a private message with your information (name, phone #, mailing address, email address) and I will see what I can do to help.


How to Merge My Best Buy™ Rewards Accounts


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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