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Purchase Rewards Were Canceled and Best Buy does Not See The Mistake

I am relatively new in making large ticket item purchases at Best Buy. Recently I made the difficult decision to purchase my new camera, Nikon Z6 with 24-70mm lens, and I regret making the purchase through Best Buy.

In the past I have made all my camera and camera gear purchases at reputable camera stores, online and brick and mortar establishments, but Best Buy offered a deal better than the rest. 

Initially I purchased the Nikon Z6, body only w/ free mount adapter, and I signed up for the Best Buy Credit Card for the 10% rewards for my purchase because I did not finance it for 12 months. The store I made the purchase (Store 242) in did not have the Mount Adapter in stock, so they ordered it from another store (Store 291), so I could go pick it up at the other location. The problem was the new store (291) cancelled my order of the mount adapter, for reasons that are still unknown to me, before my order was ready for pickup. So I went back to Store 242, so I could get help.

The employees at 242 were also confused on why the other store (291) had cancelled my order. The employees at 242 went above and beyond to remedy the situation. To remedy the order, they had me return my purchase, Nikon Z6 body only, but because they still did not have the mount adapter in stock, I upgraded my purchase to the Z6 w/kit lens because the adapter was included in the bundle packaging, and I opted in to the 12 month financing, therefore earning 5% rewards for my purchase. 
My intention was to use the 5% rewards on purchasing the new Nikon Z 85mm 1.8 lens when it came out in a couple weeks after my Z6 purchase. I am a photographer and in order to stay relevant and competitive in the industry I make sure I have the best tools possible, which is why I made the Z6 purchase and why I would purchase the new Nikon Z 85mm lens once it was available in Best Buy (Sept. 6).


On September 8th I went back to Store 242, the service and employees at the photo department are exemplary, to purchase the new lens and to use my 5% awarded rewards towards that purchase. But when my certificate was scanned the system indicated that it was invalid. Store 242 put me in contact with the Best Buy rewards customer service and we learned that my certificate had been revoked and they did not know/understand why, but they suspected it was because of my return then repurchase I did. I explained that the only reason I had to do this was because Store 291 had cancelled my order. 

The rewards customer service was no help at all and informed me that an inquiry was going to be initiated to solve my problem, revoked award certificate, but that it would take 3-5 business days before I was given a solution to my problem. I also asked if I was going to be notified that an inquiry was being initiated through my email, and they confirmed that I would get an email. This happened on September 8 and I still have not gotten one single email in regards to my inquiry. 


I left the store and when I got to my home I called customer service again, so I could get more information because I still did not understand what was going on. I had received my certificate and when I went to use it it was marking as invalid. I talked to the customer service agent and he did not have any helpful information, I began to get frustrated. The only information they had to offer was that I would hear back from them in 3 - 5 business days. Again, this was in September 8 and I still have not heard anything from them by email or phone.

Not hearing back from customer service as promised is a problem on its own, but the overwhelming dilemma for me is I have not been able to purchase the new lens because I am still waiting on my certificate, so I can use it towards the purchase of the lens. The lens was released on Sept. 5 and I have yet to purchase it, therefore as a photographer I am NOT currently competitive in my market/field. 


Initially I made the decision to make my camera purchase, and future camera purchases, at Best Buy for the great value and convenience of having the store near me, so I could talk to a employee in person and view the camera in person. But I regret this decision now. As of now I made a purchase and this purchase was advertise with 5% rewards, but in my situation this was false. I was lured in by an empty/false advertisement. And when I try to remedy the situation customer service does not do their job, which helps me solidify the understanding the promise of the rewards was false and that it was never the intention of Best Buy to hold up their end of the deal/transaction I made.

All I know is that if I had made my purchase through an online camera store I would not be in the current situation I am right now. Even if my 5% rewards is reinstated it is still not enough to solve the unfortunate dilemma of not having been able to make my lens purchase in order to stay competitive. I am a regular customer at Best Buy, I do not make one or two purchases a year, I periodical make purchases at Best Buy stores. Me regretting my recent purchase is significant and only helps rationalize my decision in taking my camera and electronic business elsewhere. 



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Re: Purchase Rewards Were Canceled and Best Buy does Not See The Mistake

Hi, gabinot, 


Welcome to Best Buy online community. Congratulations on your recent purchase of a digital camera. I can understand that you would be very excited to learn of all the certificates that you accumulated with your large purchase. I always find it a great opportunity to turn the certificates in to add more accessories to my collection. Our team is standing by to answer any questions that you may have.


When our customers get approved for a My Best Buy credit card and make the first purchase, there is a promotion offering to get 10% back in points. However, when the purchase is returned the points can also be deducted from the My Best Buy account. The purchased that followed sounds like a promotional financing offer offered, and therefore, the 10% back in points would not be awarded. While I understand that you missed out on the 10% back in points, this promotion cannot be stacked with the promotional financing offers. For more information on the My Best Buy Terms visit this link.


Our team will be happy to review your purchase and see how we can help. Send us a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number. To send the message, log into the forum, and select 'Private Message' from my signature.


Thank you,


Karina|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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