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Points removed for making an exchange?

I purchased a 337 dollar router and within two weeks it fried on me. So I decided to exchange it for a different, but similar router that cost 21 dollars less, because I didn’t want to risk having a router that was unreliable, especially when they are not cheap. Instead of adjusting my points downwards to account for the small difference in price, they were removed completely. Is this standard practice? Also.... why? Are exchanges looked down upon or something?
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Re: Points removed for making an exchange?

Good morning, Profound,


Thank you for taking the time to connect with us on the forum. Smiley Happy


I don't think there would be the option to process an exchange if it were for some reason "looked down upon."  The option is called out in our Return & Exchange Promise.  It is understandable though to have questions as to why points may have been deducted from your rewards account.  We certainly don't want you to feel as if you did something wrong.


Points are awarded for eligible purchases based on a member's My Best Buy™ status and the form of payment used.  If at any time money is refunded due to a return, exchange or price match, then points awarded for that portion of the purchase will end up being deducted.  The only time every points awarded should be deducted is if a full refund is processed.  If you processed an exchange to where $21 of $337 was refunded, then only points for that $21 adjustment should be deducted.


We could potentially owe you a few points if any extra were removed in error.  Before I can review your rewards account, I will need to gather some additional information from you.  Please send me a private message with the information listed below, and I will take a look.  A private message can be sent by first logging into the forum and then clicking on the blue button in my signature.



Phone #
Email address


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