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Expired Reward Certificates: Can I Get Them Back?



A few weeks ago, my husband and I found out our points were at zero. We hadn't used them and were letting them stack until Black Friday. When I looked through my husband's account, I realized the rewards were on the 'Auto-Issue Reward Certificate' option.


My husband thought he had chose the 'Point Banking' option, but the account was auto-issuing rewards without us knowing. There were three certificates totally $105 that expired. (Two expired in August and the other expired in September of this year.) Is it possible to get these re-issued?


Also, proir to editing our reward option back to 'Point Banking', we received three reward certificate emails (totaling $115) that are set to expire in January and February. However, these certificates aren't showing up in my husband's account, so we're unable to use them. Can you also look into this issue, please?


Thank you for your help in advance!

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Re: Expired Reward Certificates: Can I Get Them Back?



Thanks for connecting here on the Best Buy Forums. Realizing that you’ve had My Best Buy reward certificates expire is certainly not fun, so I would be seeking my options here as well.


Our My Best Buy Terms state that certificates typically expire 60 days after they are issued, unless otherwise noted. Once a certificate expires, we are generally unable to reinstate them. We make every effort to make our customers aware that a certificate has been issues, as we send out emails that contain the expiration date. These emails can often be filtered out, overlooked, or even blocked, so we would recommend that you check in on your membership on For more details, please review the post below.


Expired My Best Buy™ Reward Certificates FAQ


Additionally, we can only access My Best Buy accounts for the account holder, so if your husband would like to reach out from his own profile, we would be happy to review his account to ensure that he is getting the most out of our program.



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