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Account hacked, rewards stolen

I had over $300 worth of rewards in my account. A couple of days ago I get email that certificates have been issued... and I got nervous... before I could login and check what is going on... I get in-store receipt from a store in Maryland to my email where the rewards were used. I stay in WI and didn't do this transaction... 


I never got any notification of any email/password change on the account.

I keep my account pretty secure... most of my accounts that provide 2-factor authorization I have set them up for 2-factor... My email account linked to Bestbuy has 2-factor authorization and I could verify the login history for the email and am sure no body had access to my email..


How can the rewards account be so unsecured.... did someone hacked my account or found another hacky way to use the rewards from my account without logging in. how do I check the login history for bestbuy account.


How do I get my rewards back.... if bestbuy cannot maintain and keep the rewards secure then its not worth shopping at bestbuy for rewards. 


I called the best-buy support right away and they filed a case.. haven't heard back from them yet...


I already changed the password to bestbuy account right way, but I want my rewards back.. and I want to ensure my account is safe.

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Re: Account hacked, rewards stolen

Hello, kbiyani, 


Welcome to the forum, though I wish you had found us under better circumstances. It can definitely raise an eyebrow or two if you are banking your points, and have certificates issued without doing so yourself. I'm glad to hear you saw this and had intentions of checking things out, though I understand you may have been too late. 

I'm also delighted to hear that you have changed your password as well as reached out to our phone support. I would be delighted to look further into this with you as you mentioned you haven't heard back. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page for my private message. 


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