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The isignia NS-8V24 player will no longer accept files from my HP laptop?

I get MP3 files to listen to some of my favorite radio programs on my player.  I used to be able to download the files to my laptop and then copy them to my Insignia.  Now as of late this will not work anymore.  The Insignia has plenty of storage space left on it and it connects normally to my laptop.  I get the error message when I attempt to copy and paste the MP3 file, "Cannot copy [the file name in question which could be any music file or in this case a radio program MP3 file]The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected."


THis message is not factually true as the player is still connected to my laptop and I can see the files in windows explorer and I can even play them using media player.  What is going on here?  I could do this previously and suddenly I can no longer copy files to my Insignia?  I keep thinking this is some kind of rights management issue but I do not understand much about that.  I can tell you that I have an older RCA Lyra MP3 player that works perfectly and can copy the files so I know my laptop and the files I wish to copy are OK.  Any help here would be greatly appreciate.  I believe that my Insignia player is working corretly and it is a knowledge problem on my part as to how to get around the problem.  I have tried several times to format the Insignia and start over but I always come back to this same result.  I also cannot transfer a major part of my stored music library to the Insignia because it is rejected for some uneplained reason and no more than 2000 titles will load to the player?  

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Re: The isignia NS-8V24 player will no longer accept files from my HP laptop?

I have seen this issue before, but I'm not sure of the cause. It could be an issue with your Windows install, seeing as how you formatted the player (which I would have suggested) and the problem is still occuring. As a work around, you can connect the player in MSC (file and folder) mode by turning the hold switch on before you connect the cable and while the player is still off. You will almost certainly be able to transfer the files in this mode.
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Re: The isignia NS-8V24 player will no longer accept files from my HP laptop?

Hi kdegru and welcome to the forum.


Please try connecting the player in MSC (file and folder) mode as suggested by Tobey.

MTP mode is used mainly for transferring music via Windows Media Player and may cause this kind of issue with Drag'n'drop.