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PC won't find my NS-DV4G Insignia MP3 Player

I have had my mp3 player for awhile and it has been working fine. Recently, I plugged it in to put new music on it but my PC would just do the 3-ding error sound and not do anything. My mp3 finds the PC and start to charge. My friend has the 2g mp3 version so I plugged in hers and my computer found it. I plugged mine into my friends laptop and her laptop found my mp3 fine. So far, I have tried different USB cabbles and uninstalled/reinstalled the Insignia program and the Best Buy Rhapsody program on my computer.
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Re: PC won't find my NS-DV4G Insignia MP3 Player

I'd suggest formatting it. I know you can with the newer Pilot, and it's worth a shot with yours as well. It will wipe your music, but that's easy to transfer back on.


    * Plug in your Insignia
    * Go to "My Computer"
    * Right click and select "Properties"
    * Go to "Device Manager" (The hardware tab in XP or look in the upper left for Vista)
    * Find Insignia somewhere in that list (If it's not there, well shucks)
    * Right click it and select "Format"