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NS-DV Firmware

I saw on a thread here that Digitaldel said there won't be any further firmware updates because the team making them had been disbanded. Is there any chance that the firmware could be released be it by making it open source or whatever? I have been following this insignia player for a long time on the dapreview and still use it and it would be cool if the community could get behind a player like this and make their own updates. Just a thought. Any chance of this happening?
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Re: NS-DV Firmware

We would love to do this, but unfortunately the tool chain is not open source,  hence there would be licensing issues to overcome.  It is something that we would learn from when we do a new player.
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Re: NS-DV Firmware

Finally i found how to fix this stoking problem with Rebuilding library...


So I did next:

1. Open back side pull out battary and open all screws... 

2. Put out internal memory it looks like two chips on one sheme. 

3. put it back litle bit just to give a mp3 player way to start. 

4. I started a player and pulled out internal battary when it started to rebuild library... 

5. And it started to do that and stocked for a while and then opened without any tracks... 

6. So Next I putted back internal memory on its place without switching off player 

7. Go to menu>settings>erase internal memory!!!



Sorry for my bad english I'm Russian... 

Do I'm genius???