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NS-BRDVD with DVI - NO problems

I have read many places that the NS-BRDVD will not play some of the new BD+ discs such as The Day The Earth Stood Still.  This movie did not play on my NS-2BRDVD until I did the firmware upgrade and now plays fine.  As far as the NS-BRDVD goes I have tried several movies from Fox that are supposed to have the problem but they all play fine on my player.  The one difference that I have is that my Philips HDtv does not have a HDMI port so I use HDMI to DVI adapter.  My question is, will that setup somehow override the BD+ that others are complaining about?  With this setup it has played every movie that we put in:  Fox, Disney, Sony, MGM, etc.  I'm just wondering why mine doesn't display the problems that others have.


Thanks for any clarification.


Update:  I was able to move this player to a tv using a HDMI cable and all discs played just fine.   Maybe there was a batch of new players that actually worked as they should?  I did get this one just before the NS-2BRDVD came out.

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Re: NS-BRDVD with DVI - NO problems

Hello TexasBorn,


Welcome to Community@Insignia™!


I'm happy to hear that you haven't encountered playback issues with your NS-BRDVD.  As this is a firmware issue for the player, I don't believe how you've connected your player to your TV would impact whether the player will play a BD.


Even so, Insignia model NS-BRDVD will have a new firmware update available mid-July. This firmware will fix Blu-Ray disc playback issues you may be experiencing on some discs (different studios author discs in different ways).


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