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I have an outdoor antenna feeding into the DVD unit & the RF output from it going into my HDTV. Everything worked fine until the Digital conversion happened. I no longer could receive the signals when the antenna is connected to the DVD. I had to bypass it & feed it directly to the TV. I can no longer record from the TV. I can still use it as a DVD/VHS player. Is this supposed to happen with digital or do I have another problem. Is the antenna signal too weak now for the DVD to pass it through? Does this mean I need a cable hookup?
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Re: IS-DVD100121

Hi Tankj2,


The Insignia IS-DVD100121 was manufactured (then discontinued) long before the Digital transition was announced.

Its built-in tuner is analog and can only pick analog signal.


If you want to keep on using over-the-air TV service (which is now digital-only) our best advice to you is to get a Converter Box.

You would then connect the antenna to the Converter box (which will convert the digital signal to analog) and the Converter Box to the IS-DVD100121.