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Does the NS-BRDVD Firmware work?

I burned the update for the NS-2BRDVD using ISO Recorder and it updated the player without a glitch.  But the NS-BRDVD is another story.  I downloaded the firmware and burned it on a CD and the player has a read error..  It will play DVD movies fine but no Blu Ray still.  So I downloaded both firmwares and burned them on 2 sepeate DVDs, and still getting read error.  Again, it will play DVD movies fine, but no Blu Ray.  Anyone with the same results?  I m thinking of getting a Sony DVD/CD like someone else commented here.
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Re: Does the NS-BRDVD Firmware work?

Hi gsan and welcome to the forum,


What I would suggest you to do is to burn the correct update but on a very low speed, 1X if possible to avoid errors like the one you are getting.