Resolution Time Again…

by Geek Squad Agent on ‎01-03-2015 09:48 PM (40,780 Views)

In our highly technical world of laptops, tablets, smartphones, it’s easy to forget that the most valuable thing on our devices is our personal data. Whether it’s cherished family photos, important financial documents or your favorite songs and movies, losing data can be inconvenient, costly and potentially devastating.


You can protect your data by making a resolution to back your data up at least once a week. There are plenty of options for where to back up your data, from DVDs, external hard drives, flash drives, even online cloud storage.


Which is better, local or online back-ups? We have a breakdown of the advantages on our website. Of course, you don’t want to just stop at backing you data up, so here’s six steps to keeping your data safe.


Remember, a consistent data backup plan is crucial to saving you time and money, as well as protecting your important memories and irreplaceable files. If you need more help, explore our Data Backup or Transfer Services or Chat with an Agent for more help.

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