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stripped status rewards dollars gone

I just discovered my BB rewards and elite plus status have been stripped because of a GCU violation. No email from BB regarding this. I noticed when I logged into my account to make a purchase that my status has changed and my hundreds of dollars of rewards were gone. Still made a $400 order ready to resolve the issue over the phone.After calling and speaking with several  foreign customer service reps I was told of a GCU violation.Not really understanding how this explanation could remove all rewards dollars and purchase history I did online research. I did not know there was a limit on the GCU games purchased. I purchased the GCU in store at the recommendation of a BB employee who told me all games purchased would be discounted. I never read the tos. Didn't know there was a tos. I probably did violate it. I don't know.
I spend thousands of dollars at BB. If there was a limit on number of games discountable through GCU online ordering software should have prevented such a violation. You take time during ordering process to attempt to sell other products and service plans yet do not validate pricing is correct and not exceed limits. You could have priced the 'above limit' items at the current price and not allowed a 'invalid' discounted price.
The rewards dollars are earned and not given away. Target gives 5% cash,Lowes 5% cash my non BB Visa 1.5% cash. I could have made my purchases elsewhere cheaper. I liked the ability to view past purchases and model numbers through your website. I can no longer do that. My purchase history has been stripped. Issued a new member # with zero to date sales.
You didn't just take rewards dollars for games-that would be acceptable. I can accept this I unknowingly violated a rule I didn't know existed.l My fault for not knowing there was a tos or what it was. You took rewards earned for gaming consoles, 4k tv's, smart phones and all the other electronics I purchased at BB. I am not a re-seller.I have 2 residences and a family I gift.
I just purchased a $1200 TV in the last month and have lost 'credit' for that sale to be included in my NEW accumulation of sales to re-achieve elite plus status that I had.
Is there any way to have my purchases 'reinstated' towards status or any of my rewards dollars to be recovered? I was saving rewards dollars for major appliance upgrade I guess I'll be doing that at lowes with 5% cash off. If I was trying to scam you I would have been using rewards dollars as they were earned and not banking them for a major purchase. Very disappointed in BB.
Lowes,kohls,BJ, Amazon,Home Depot,Walmart and ebay all deliver like you and take my cash back visa. With questionable business practices BB is no longer an attractive retailer to me. Guess electronics and gaming consoles need to be purchased at target with price match and 5% off.


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Re: stripped status rewards dollars gone

Good afternoon, jwand,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum!


I can imagine the questions that may have ran through your head after logging into your rewards account only to find you were basically back to square one.  Almost as if you pulled the card while playing a board game that said go back to start.  I have been a member of the My Best Buy™ program for almost 12 years and would have questions too if one day everything in my rewards account seemingly disappeared.


The My Best Buy™ program and Gamers Club Unlocked (GCU) membership do have terms that each member agrees to upon enrollment, and whether a member takes time to actually read over them is up to the member, but we do make the terms available to everyone on  The terms do call out potential reasons as to why a member's rewards account could end up getting cancelled, and if the decision were made to cancel a member's rewards account, then an email notification would not be sent out.  The decision to cancel is reserved by Best Buy when reason is found to do so.


If a member's rewards account were to be cancelled due to a violation of the terms, then any active points, certificates, tier status, spend total, or GCU memberships would be forfeited.  Those benefits cannot be reissued, and the cancelled rewards account cannot be reactivated.  With that all having been said, I would be happy to review your rewards account with you if you do have additional questions.  Just send a private message, by clicking on the blue button in my signature, with the information listed below.


Phone #
Email address


My Best Buy™ - Program & GCU Terms


Best Wishes,

Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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