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Re: Beyond Frustrated with the website

To preface this post, I am a Silver Elite Member, and spend about $8-10,000 at Best Buy annually, and I would like an agent to respond to me in a private message.


Julie, This happened to me, on a GRAND SCALE.  I started shopping Wednesday night for Nintendo Switches and a multitude of other items.  Upon my first cancellation of an order, I immediately called Best Buy to see what was wrong, to which I was put on hold for 2 hours.  After someone finally answered, they stated nothing was wrong with my account, that it was the credit card company's fault for unverifiable information.  (This is the Best Buy Credit Card, by the way, which I used just hours before on separate deals with Best Buy)  I tried calling my credit card company, and they said all the information was correct, and that Best Buy simply cancelled the order on their end.  That the transaction was approved, and then cancelled immediately for reasons unknown to them, to which they offered to transfer me back to Best Buy to sort it all out.

      This is when it started to get out of hand.  After no luck on either end, I figured I would just try again.  My order was again, cancelled.  I tried logging out of my account, ordering as a guest ... and the order appeared to be processed, and minutes later, it was cancelled.  After being on hold for 45 minutes the second time, an agent finally picked up and confirmed, again, there was no problem on my account.   So the agent tried to place an order for me over the phone, to which we were successful, until it was cancelled seconds later.  I tried different items, different email addresses, different credit cards, different totals, even using different laptops to order, in total, approximately 40 orders I placed that were successful, until they weren't.  I started ordering at 9 pm Wednesday, and gave up ultimately at 1 am Thursday. 

     After being on hold for so many hours with the Credit Card company and the Best Buy team, someone finally cracked and told me what the issue was.  Some items were showing available on  that were NOT available.  These deals were put out too soon, the agent surmised, and there is a glitch in the site that allows you to place it, but then immediately cancels it when the system recognizes that there isn't any in stock.   

     Hours later I woke up and tried again, this time using the app.  The app, finally, at 7 am ... that Nintendo Switches were limited to 1 per person (or per email, or however that worked).  So that's why so many of my orders were being cancelled. (This doesn't explain all the orders I tried without the switches ... on google home hubs, or movies, etc, etc).  So I bailed on the system and went to to get what I needed.


My issue now is that I have two separate orders that were not from my main account, because I was trying everything to get the orders places, and I would like to link them to my original account for my points.  Also, due to being forced to shop elsewhere, I missed out on probably ... $2,000 worth of spend on my Best Buy card, so I'm hoping an agent would be kind enough to post some points to my account to help soften the insane amount of hassle that I (and I'm sure others like Julie) had to endure from both and agents that were supposed to help us.  I was so frustrated with BestBuy I considered switching all my orders to Amazon and just forgetting it, but I am an elite member and I do, mostly, appreciate all that Best Buy does for me throughout the year (except in rare circumstances like this).  


Thanks for your time and I look forward to a reply to this thread and in a message.

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Re: Beyond Frustrated with the website

Good morning petablo1,

Welcome and thank you for reaching out to us on the forum, though I wish it were under better circumstances. Shopping online for deals is always exciting, but I can imagine how sour your experience may have turned if your orders were beginning to cancel as quickly as you could place them.


Orders may be cancelled for a multitude of reasons, varying from availability, quantity limits (which would have been strict from our Early Access to Black Friday sales), even to mismatched information. It is dispiriting to hear you may have ultimately shopped elsewhere due to your troubles, but I hope you were able to get the items you had on your list regardless.

I would be happy to look at getting your points added, though you may of course always add purchases using the Report Missing Points tool on if it isn’t associated with another member ID already. Details on how you may use this tool can be found below. I am sending you a private message, so please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page.


How Do I Report Missing My Best Buy™ Points?



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