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undisclosed additional charge on order in order to make it work properly

I recently bought a stereo receiver on the Best Buy website. I selected the option to have it installed by Best Buy (which was free) and also purchased the equipment that the Best Buy website said would be necessary to adapt it to my vehicle. (I had entered my vehicle information into the Best Buy website, and it said this particular stereo would work with my vehicle as long as I also bought the equipment.)

I had it installed at Best Buy. However, when I was trying to adjust the fade, I realized that the installation had failed to connect my back speakers to the stereo, leaving me with sound only in the front of the car. I called the store and was told I could come back in today and have that fixed.

However, after arriving there I was told I'd need an additional $50 line output converter in order for the stereo to work properly with my car, including the back speakers.

I didn't have an additional $50. I bought what the Best Buy website said I needed for the installation and wasn't expecting an additional charge beyond the total the website gave me in order for the stereo to properly be installed in full functioning order in my car.

In addition, I had actually originally ordered a stereo for my car last November when there was also a free installation sale. However, a couple of days after I ordered the stereo and necessary adaptive equipment, Best Buy cancelled the order without explanation. By the time I had time to search for an alternative stereo the free installation promotion was over (I hadn't realized it was temporary). Therefore, I've been checking the Best Buy website on occasion since November waiting for another free installation promotion. This was the first time I'd noticed one since then.
I tried emailing for help, but apparently that no longer works.

I just don't like the sound of only the front speakers working. I tried it out, but the sound isn't worth the price that I DID pay (without the extra $50). I'm planning to return the stereo tomorrow or Tuesday and purchase one elsewhere, but before doing so I remembered this forum exists and thought I'd ask here -- is there any other option to make this stereo work properly on all speakers without spending additional money?
Thanks so much!