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not happy with antiquated overnight batch system for dealing with DOA large appliances

We bought a washing machine on Monday. It arrived today, Wednesday. On the very first load this morning it was leaking from the underside.  I immediately phoned the store to get a replacement. They gave me a central number to call where I was issued an RMA but was also told that the store would not "see" the item as delivered until tomorrow after overnight data processing, and tomorrow morning they could begin the replacement process, so I'd have a new machine the following day, assuming the delivery schedule does not get booked up with Labor Day purchases from other customers.


Since we've already been without a washing machine for several days, having to wait an additional two days is rather a pain in the neck, and I will be as mad as hell if the schedule gets booked up so that the next available slot is Saturday, when we had planned to be away, or next Tuesday, after the three-day holiday weekend. :-{


It's almost 2020, Best Buy/Pacific Sales, not 1995.   Why don't the delivery guys have an app that can report the washer as delivered the moment they have the customer sign off on it? I signed a screen on the guy's smart-phone with my finger, to acknowledge acceptance. Why doesn't that piece of data hit your computer system instantly?