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Your Installation Contractors - Maybe Have a Look?

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On June 12, I purchased a window-unit air conditioner from your store in Emeryville CA (order number {removed per forums guidelines}).  In conversing with the sales guy, I asked specifically for the most powerful unit that would use a normal wall outlet.  Bought one, arranged delivery and installation.  The delivery guys arrived and it turned out the unit was missing a bracket so couldn’t be installed.  I went back to Best Buy and the same sales guy (very nice – Justin {removed per fourms guidelines}) literally raided a box on the floor to hand me the bracket.  Re-scheduled installation. 


On the second installation date, the guys arrived an hour after the end of the six-hour installation window, but, after my husband went to Home Depot to purchase them a ladder, they put it in.  We went to plug it in and it turned out to need a 220v outlet.  A couple of days later I got a quote from an electrician to upgrade the electrical but it was $3000+ so I decided to return the unit and go with a smaller one.  Went to Best Buy and got an appointment for dis-installation. 


On the first dis-installation date, the guys arrived and declared they could not dis-install it, they were just a pick-up team.  I offered a screw-driver, the one tool they’d need to get the thing down, but they couldn’t.  I went back to Best Buy, told my sorry story and was assured that this time, they’d send a dis-installation team, not just pick-up guys. 


On the second dis-installation date – today – I waited the requisite six hours plus an extra 75 minutes, but the guys never showed.  So now I have taken four entire afternoons off work and still have the wrong air conditioner sold to me stuck in the window I was hoping for a working air conditioner in a month ago.     


Is this usual?


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Re: Your Installation Contractors - Maybe Have a Look?

Hey, JeanD,


Thanks for connecting with us on our forums! It's disappointing to hear that you've been having some delivery and installation issues with this AC unit. It's quite a hot summer around me! 


It definitely sounds like there has been some issues with your installation/uninstall. I am glad to hear that our store has been able to reschedule your appointment and I hope that this upcoming appointment will be issue-free. If you're in need of additional assistance with this, please feel free to send us a Private Message including your order number, full name, email address, and phone number. 

Austin|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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