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Week late delivery

I specifically went to Best Buy to purchase my appliances (washer and dryer) even though they were about $60-$70 more expensive than the same products at Home Depot. The reason I chose Best Buy is because I wanted to get the Best Buy credit card in order to build up a line of credit for some potential future purchases such as a laptop and TV. However, I am unlikely to got to Best Buy for these purchases due to my experience with this purchase.

I purchased the products over Memorial Day weekend and set up delivery for the following Saturday. Because of the ridiculous 6 hour time frame for delivery, I had to take the time off work. However I was able to plan for this and waited all day Saturday for the delivery. Due to the 6 hour delivery window, I did not know there was an issue until 30 minutes after the window when I finally called in to customer service. After a 30 minute phone call I was finally informed that the delivery appointment was scheduled in every system up to the warehouse were it encountered an error and never went through. Therefore, despite the fact I had arranged a day I could sit at home doing nothing for 6 hours, just waiting, there was no way the products were ever going to be delivered that day. I said that if I had a narrower time window, I could try to make the next day (Sunday) work even though I had plans. The customer service representative told me there was no way the issue would be fixed by then and that it would take at least a week. On top of that, I couldn’t even set up a new appointment time until the issue was resolved. The rep told me he would put in a ticket and that I would receive a call from the case manager assigned to this case. I asked him if, because of the tremendous inconvenience all of this was, especially because I wouldn’t get my appliances until a week after I should have and after having to take another day off work, if I would receive compensation for the issue. He assured me that I would receive compensation but that it couldn’t be discussed until after the appliances had been delivered. I don’t understand the reasoning behind this decision and it feels like a really easy way to weasel out of paying rightfully due compensation.

I surprisingly did receive the call from my case manager within an hour but it seemed it was just an introduction call as he (Sal was his name) did nothing for me on the call saying he would call me back within 24 hours to set up another appointment time. He also made sure to assure me that once the appliances were delivered we could discuss compensation. Unfortunately, 48+ hours went by and I never heard from him. So I had to call the customer service number again, get a different rep, and set up another ridiculous 6 hour window on Friday to take off work and sit around to do nothing but wait. I talked to the rep who set up this appointment and she told me that although I could not receive the compensation until after the products had arrived, the most I would get is a $75 Best Buy gift card. This is an insulting amount, it doesn’t even cover the cost of the $69.99 delivery fee (which should have been waived for the issues and compensation should have been ON TOP of the waived fee) when tax is taken into account ($75.76). Not to mention it would only be applicable to purchases through Best Buy which, after this terrible fiasco, I am remiss to buy anything from Best Buy especially if it has to be delivered. At the very least the delivery should be fully compensated with tax included and considerable extra effort should go into making this situation right because this is a terrible way to treat customers and definitely not a way to ensure store/purchase loyalty.

I finally received the products today, so at least there’s that.

Long story short, I had to take an extra day off work, have the products delivered a week later than I should have, and was offered an insulting $75 Best Buy gift card as compensation which doesn’t even cover the cost of the stunningly delayed delivery. It also barely covers the difference in cost between the same products at Home Depot, which I now regret not going to instead. I’ll be sure to seek out every other option before selecting Best Buy in the future and will urge everybody I know to do the same.
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Re: Week late delivery

Hello aandersohn,


I’d like to begin by welcoming you to the Best Buy forums and thank you for sharing your experience with us. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to detail your experience so that we can forward the feedback on to the appropriate parties and continue to improve our processes.


I do understand that a 6-hour delivery window can seem excessive, we typically call the night before to narrow down the arrival window to 2 -3 hours. Did you receive this pre-call? It sounds like there was another miss when you were not contacted to be informed that the delivery would not be able to be completed.


Best Buy does offer price matching for our competitors, and Home Depot is included in the list of competitors we will price match. However, we do need to be alerted at time of sale and the sales associate would then look up the units to validate the price difference. We also do not offer price matching on special holiday sales, such as Memorial Day.


As for the process break down with the system throwing an error at the warehouse, I’d be happy to continue discussing this with you. While I cannot guarantee we would be able to offer any further discount, I’m still happy to investigate this for you.


Please utilize the blue “Private Message” button to the right of my signature, I will need you to confirm your full name, phone number, and email address.



Natalie|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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