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Unacceptable customer service

Bought a refrigerator from Best Buy on Saturday. As part of the purchase, we also paid a fee to have the existing refrigerator re-located into the garage and another fee to haul away the old refrigerator already in the garage.


Because the existing refrigerator currently in the house is large (36” wide and some 33-34” deep) we made it clear to no fewer than 3 sales people that the doors on the refrigerator had to be removed prior to re-location (and then reattached). We were told and I quote: “they remove doors every day” (implying this was a routine service for the delivery people). They even had to do some checking to determine if there would be separate charges for the re-location of the current and haul away of the old refrigerator. They said there would be and we paid two separate charges.


On the day of delivery, I spent 2 or 3 hours getting ready, cleaning out refrigerators and taping cardboard down on our new hardwood floors. When the delivery crew arrived, I reviewed what had to be done and then they spent the next 20 minutes on the phone. When the foreman got off the phone, he informed me they couldn’t remove the doors of the old refrigerator. Because I knew the refrigerator couldn’t be moved without removing the doors (or tearing up the house), I refused the order.


When I called the store and some case manager at corporate, then and ONLY then was I finally told that your company policy prohibits Best Buy from removing refrigerator doors; yet BEFORE the sale, there was not ONE mention (by the aforementioned sales people) of this policy. And of course the reason is obvious (well, obvious now): had they told us of this policy, we probably would not have purchased the refrigerator (It’s kind of a problem if you can’t move the old refrigerator).


So Best Buy wastes 4-5 hours of my time and of course I still need a new refrigerator. At least I’ll have the satisfaction of not giving Best Buy the sale.


Sad thing is we’ll likely never do business with you again. I’ve purchased a number of large TV’s from you in the past and actually was in the market for another – but I’ll just look elsewhere now.


The dumb things companies do that cost them money.


I have instructed the store to cancel my order; please ensure it gets done in a timely fashion.


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Re: Unacceptable customer service

Welcome to our forums, ibboaz,


Shopping for a new appliance should be an exciting experience, and I was disheartened to hear your experience was soured after an unsuccessful delivery and haul away of your refrigerators.


We expect our customers to be informed of any policies that might prevent our teams from performing the services they’re requesting of us at the time of purchase, and I apologize if this wasn’t the case.  While it sounds like you’ve since elected to shop elsewhere, I do hope you’ll be able to find a refrigerator that will meet your needs.


I understand you’ve requested a cancellation of your current appliance order, and I’m optimistic your local Best Buy store will be able to accommodate this request.  If you have any further issues with this cancellation, or have any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Forums again.


Thank you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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