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Terrible Delivery/Install Experience Washer/Dryer

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My wife and I purchased a new $2000+ LG washer and dryer from BB on 4/22/19. Delivery was scheduled for 4/26. From the moment the two delivery men arrived to my home Friday afternoon it was clear their priority was to get their weekend started ASAP. They were in a rush to leave from the moment they arrived. Here is what happened. First, the lead guy tried to tell me that my hot water valve leading to my washer was broken. He told me he wanted to leave the washer and dryer in my garage and for me to call a plumber and then reschedule the delivery. There was nothing wrong with the valve. I turned the valve off myself. After a few drops (literally) came out of the end of the hot water hose the water stopped, just as it should. He said he was wrong and proceeded with the install. From there they hurried through the install. Banging the washer and dryer on walls/door, etc. They also talked so fast I couldn’t even understand what they were saying to me at times. They were visibly unhappy when I told them I wanted the washer and dryer stacked and had purchased the LG stacking kit from BB do to so. Once stacked, they didnt take the time to check to see if the units worked properly. They simply left. A few minutes later, I tried to open the detergent drawer to do a load of laundry only to see that it DOES NOT OPEN. I then call BB customer service and they told me the only thing they could do is send someone else out on Monday morning. So, today the new delivery people arrive. They unstack the washer and dryer only to tell me that the LG 27” stacking kit must be defective. It is pressing down on top of the detergent drawer preventing it from opening. Nothing they could do. Must order a new one. So here we are. I’ve taken two days off work and I a, exactly where I started. So frustrated and disappointed as I’m sure I will be taking a third day off and who knows if that will actually work. I would like someone, preferably a manager, from BB customer service to contact us immediately. 


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Re: Terrible Delivery/Install Experience Washer/Dryer

Hello, jcahoe, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for reaching out to us on our forum for support. I'm sure you were excited to have a new LG washer and dryer. I think stacking these items is definitely the way to go, and I wish my current washer and dryer were set up this way. I'm sorry that you experienced issues with your stacking kit and are advised to purchase a new one. I can understand how frustrating this must be, especially having experienced poor service during the entire delivery and installation process.


I'd like the opportunity to dig into this further and see what we might be able to do here. Please send me a private message with your full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name, below.


Happy to help,

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