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TV Not Delivered

On Friday, 16 August, I placed an order online for a 65" Vizio P-series TV that was available for in store pickup. On Saturday, 17 August, I went to the store and having further considered my options, decided I'd rather get the 75" version of the same Vizio P-series TV. This tv was not availabe in store however, so I spoke with an employee and he printed out a couple of papers and said that I could go to customer service and pay the difference between the TVs and get the 75" TV delivered on Monday, 19 August. The process seemed simple enough with customer service, they decided the easiest thing to do would be mark the 65" TV as picked-up and returned, even though I never touched or even saw the TV, and then credit that towards the 75" tv. The receipt showed I was scheduled to have the TV delivered on the 19th, between 7am and 1pm. 

It's important to note that it was significant that we scheduled to have the TV delivered on the 19th. I very rarely am available during normal delivery hours and my parents were able to work it out so that they were available to be at my house on that day specifically. This was the only day for at least two weeks that the TV could be received by someone at my home.

The day of the 19th, my parents were at my house by 6:30am to ensure the TV could be delivered. At 1pm, the TV had not arrived, so my dad called to see where it was at. He spent two hours being bounced between the 1-800 customer service line and the store I made the purchase at. He was hung up on twice because he asked to speak with the store manager. The employee working the 1-800 number was rude and redirected his call without explaining what she was doing. The process of trying to learn why the TV wasn't delievered was extremely difficult and absolutely terrible customer service. Although he was very frustrated with how he was being treated, he did not yell and he did not say anything derogatory at any point.
After being redirected many times by people that couldn't provide any answers, it was finally explained that for some reason the order was a "draft order" and so the TV wasn't actually scheduled to be delivered at any point because the transaction wasn't made. However, I had been charged for the TV, and I had a receipt that stated the TV would be delivered that day. There was no reason the TV shouldn't have been delivered. The most frustrating part about this was that my parents had wasted an entire day for no reason, and this was the only day that I could have the TV delivered for multiple weeks.
That evening, after having heard what happened from my parents, the store called me and had finally resolved the issue. They apparently resolved the issue and told me they could have the TV delivered on Thursday. I told them I needed to think about it and even if I did want it after all of this, I needed to figure out shipping because the only window I had available had just been blown. About 15 minutes later, someone else from best buy called and told me they had reordered  the TV to be delivered on Thursday - they didn't ask if that would work for me first, they just did it. I told him I wasn't sure about it and left it at that. And not that it matters, but how could I order the TV on Saturday and have it available to be delivered on Monday, but then ordering it on Monday wouldn't get it delivered until Thursday? Just another point of frustration.
Since I had a few days to figure if I even wanted to deal with best buy for the tv at this point, as well as how to make myself available to be home for the delivery, I decided to think on it. I confirmed on the best buy website that the tv was ordered and showing as delivery scheduled for Thursday the 22nd.
However, on Tuesday, the 20th, I received an email stating that my delivery had been scheduled for Saturday, the 24th of August. I had not contacted anyone or made any modifications to the order online to change the delivery date. There was no explanation as to why the delivery had been changed. I had already started shifting my schedule for Thursday to make sure I was home for the delivery, and then the delivery date was changed without anyone asking me.

I was already very hesitant because of everything that had happened on Monday, and then with the delivery date being changed on me again, I was done. I went to the store on Wednesday, the 21st and got a refund. Even that was complicated and took a manager to figure out what had happened with the order.

I am absolutely disgusted with how this order went and the total disregard from best buy regarding my time and the time of my family. Nothing was commuicated, and we had to seek out answers. What would have happened if we wouldn't have called on Monday? At what point would someone from best buy have fixed the order that I was already charged for but never scheduled to have delivered? Why was I given a receipt that listed a delivery window that wasn't actually scheduled? I absolutely refuse to by a TV from best buy at this point, and I am very angry at the lack of customer service provided.
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Re: TV Not Delivered

Hi there, muhrton,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums and thank you for taking the time to write in to us. 

I'm sorry to hear about what has happened regarding the delivery of your TV. Upgrading to a new TV should be an exciting time, and I can most certainly understand how you might have been feeling given the amount of times that this was rescheduled and the measures that was taken to make sure that either you or your family was available for that delivery. We appreciate your flexibility given the circumstances around this. We never intend for any of our members to feel this way, and we apologize about any inconvenience this has caused you. Although you were ultimately able to cancel that order, this is not the experience we'd want you or any of our members to go through.

If I could assist in any other way, or if you'd like me to document your feedback into our internal corporate system, please just send me a private message by clicking the button below in my signature. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, and we hope that you give us the opportunity to better serve you in the future.

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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