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So disappointed in Best Buy



My local store is in Dedham, MA. I was delighted to find a "scratch and dent"  LP gas dryer that was within my budget. The salesperson was so nice, but I was really disappointed that I had to wait 10 days for the install,


Shameful #1  The install was Monday (7/8). I left a vacation early and took a day off of work to wait for the installation. I had been called numerous times to remind me of the time between 10 - 1. At 2:30 I called the installer (contracted by Best Buy) to find out where they were, they claimed that when they went to the BB warehouse, my dryer wasn't there. So early Monday morning, both BB and the installer knew I wouldn't be getting my install, and yet, I had to call to find that out. 


Shameful #2  My dryer was in the warehouse, the purchase order failed to inform the warehouse that I did want a LP dryer, not an NG dryer. So when the installer went to get it, the warehouse incorrectly told them the dryer they had wasn't there.


Shameful #3  After complaining to BB appliance dept., I was told I'd have to wait another week or so for the dryer. I said that wasn't good enough, that I needed it by Friday. They said (on Monday) that they would try to work it out and to just "give them some time" and that someone would call me. Ok, it is now Wednesday afternoon and nobody called, so I called BB back. I waited 1/2 hour on the phone to confirm that the delivery is Friday. No explanations of apologies that nobody got back to me.


Shameful #4  There doesn't seem to be a reasonable way to reach a store manager. There is no way to do this through the phone menu. I randomly picked a choice on the menu and finally got a live person. I asked for a store manager. They said I had to tell them what the issue was, and I said it was with appliances, so they would only connect me with that department. I tried that three times. Shame, shame, shame.


 I have as much faith that I will get my dryer, and that I will ever shop at BB again as I have faith that there will be a blizzard in Boston tomorrow.


The appliance manager SHOULD have called me to apologize. Even free delivery does not, in any way, make up for this experience. Clearly BB does not value my business or my time. Shame.