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Refrigerator Nightmare

My husband and I purchased a refrigerator on September 1 and were told it would be delivered on September 6th. My husband took the day off from work to accept delivery.  We received phone calls and emails the day before reminding us of our delivery.  On the day, I received a phone call from the delivery team saying they would be at my house in 15 minutes.  The people who arrived were, in fact, a geek squad team who were there to hook up the ice and water on the new refrigerator we did not have.  When we called customer care, we were told that our refrigerator was on back order, and wouldn’t be available for six weeks, even though a check on the website showed that the same refrigerator if purchased that day would be delivered in four days.

So here we are six weeks later.  We are experiencing terrible weather here, and when the truck pulled up with our new refrigerator, my husband pointed out to the delivery men that our front porch was quite slippery and they probably would not be able to safely get the appliance into the house. They agreed and told us to contact customer care and who would arrange to have it rescheduled to first thing Monday morning.  We just got off the phone with several customer care “specialists” and not only will they not deliver it on Monday morning, they won’t even discuss a schedule time until Monday.  We’re being told that the computer system will not allow it.  I find it hard to believe that no one at this company can pick up a phone and make the arrangements.  That it is left up to a computer system.  I understand the weather today is out of Best Buy’s control, but this fiasco all began six weeks ago, and is most definitely Best Buy’s fault.  I worked in retail for 9 years in a managerial capacity, and I know there are ways to make things right.  Best Buy just doesn’t care enough about their customers to go the extra mile.  I have been a loyal Best Buy customer for many years, but now I’m done.

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Re: Refrigerator Nightmare

Good morning, whitenor,


To me, ordering a new set of appliances is one of the best parts of moving to a new home.  I get excited just thinking about stainless steel refrigerators and matching washer-dryer combos!  I imagine I'd be quite frustrated if I had to wait over six weeks for my new appliances to be delivered, and I regret the obvious inconvenience this has caused your family.


Upon reviewing the information you provided in your forum registration, I see you are working with one of my teammates on Facebook regarding this order.  I would encourage you to continue working with us there should any additional questions or concerns rise up later.


Thank you for writing to us.  I hope you have a great day!

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