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Re: Sending a complaint

To add my comments to the OP; this is a lot of trouble to go through just to complain, so hopefully someone takes it at least somewhat seriously.


First, let me say that I have been a loyal BB customer and just in the past 12 months have purchased several TV's and multiple small electronics, including the LG 77" OLED. 


Recently I got frustrated with the Harmony Elite remote I was using to control my home theater system, which was set up by the Geek Squad. I got a Harmony Companion, assuming it would incoporate easily into the system. It didn't. The activities were all messed up. No problem, I'll call the Geek Squad again and happily pay them to come out and sync everything back up.


I tried on line but it would not work, nor were there any options remotely like what I wanted. But I was interested in the annual support membership, so I called my local store in Park City, Utah. No one answered. Saturday, mid-day. The phone system hung up on me after ringing for a long time. Okay, stuff happens. Called back, got a salesperson. He said I had to go on line, I explained it wasn't working so he said I could call 1-800-geek squad; I tried that but it was incorrect, I tried to get the correct phone number on line. There are many options, all of which are fake. Go ahead, I'll wait while you check for yourself.


I called back. Same guy. He transferred me to the Magnolia Home Theater guys. No one answered. Phone hung up on me. At this point I called the guy who had been out before because I had his card. He said he could not book me directly nor come over when I offered him $100 cash to just come program the remote. I applaud his ethics, but that isn't helping. I called back, got the same salesperson, I said can't you just walk over to the Geek Squad desk and get someone to talk to me. You'd think I asked him to loan me his girlfriend. He reiterated "the three methods that you can contact the Geek Squad" as being on line, on the phone, or in person at the store. 


So I found a private home theater installer and he'll be out sometime. Who knows when. I'll wait. It'll cost way more. That's okay too.


Also, I'm in the process of building a new house. The build requires several TV's, one of which will be another LG 77" OLED, a Sony 4K projector, 135" screen, and who knows how many other small devices for security, smart home connectivity, etc. 


Rest assured I will buy none of them from Best Buy. I will pay more, which is a bummer. I'll have to contract with guys to set it all up, another bummer. But I will NOT support a company that is this much trouble.

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Re: Sending a complaint

Hi, rg1958,


Thanks for your post to us, and welcome to our Community Forums. 


We take great pride in the work that our Geek Squad Agents complete, and by the sounds of your experience, this wasn't what he had hoped for. I would be wanting some help with this, as well as wanting to share my experience. We appreciate that you've taken the time out of your day to share this with us and allow us the opportunity to talk to you about what's possible. We'd love to do what we can to help you out and to hopefully turn this situation around and back in the right direction.


During this experience you've outlined for us, were you able to speak to any managers or supervisors about the troubles that you'd faced? 



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