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Re: Sedgwick THE WORST

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I couldn't agree with you more.  I am an Elite Plus customer and spent thousands of dollars on appliances and electronics.  I had purchaed a smart lock and paid to have someone come to install it Oct. 26th 2019 only to damage my front door without my knowledge for the lock to fit when this "expert" should have notify me that the lock is the incorrect size. 


The first words out of the installers mouth is that "He is not from Best Buy but a third party".  I immediately went to the store and showed pictures of the damages that I need a new front door or have a carpenter come to repair the damages as my home can easily be broken into.  '


The store manager said he will put in a claim and to expect to hear back within 24-48 hours (business days) but nothing.  I phoned client esculation unit and spoke to Autumn {removed per forum guidelines} on October 30th 2019 as I desperately wanted to speak to Corie Barry (CEO).  Autumn then had someone from the Geek Squad name Sean, who was to be my main contact to oversea the process.  Sean put in a claim with Sedgwick on November 1st and said I should hear back from someone within 24-48 hours. Guess what?? Nada! Nothing!


I phoned Autumn {removed per forum guidelines} several times thereafter to keep her posted and asked to speak with a supervisor.  She said she is as high as I can go which I know is not true.  I work for a large bank and know the process.  Autumn made clear there is nothing more they can do and that it is out of there hands, therefore, I am at the mercy that Sedgwick will follow through.  I had left several messages on their recorded line at 855-832-1332 where no one picks up.  I even phoned exactly 9AM EST and immediately went to the recorded line.  Today is November 13th and 48 hours is long over due!!!


Folks!  Beware! Best Buy will happily take your money but they do not keep up with their promise if damages occur on your property when you pay for someone to do an installation. 


I am very surprised to go through this experience especially with the great customer service I get at the Woodland Park NJ store.  It is a crying shame that Best Buy can have the insurance company they deal with ruin their reputation! 


Best Buy, I would highly recommend using another insurance claims carrier!  I can help you with suggestions.