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Re: Filing a formal complaint

I am very frustrated and dissatisfied with an issue I am having with Best Buy and Geek Squad. I had a scheduled/confirmed order to have my TV unmounted from the wall because I am moving. I received a confirmation email shortly after the order was placed and I was told that because I had the protection plan, that there would be no charge for this service. 
Today I received an email stating that "per my request," the order was cancelled. Once I called Geek Squad, they had a difficult time finding my order, even with the order number I provided them. They then told me it was cancelled because I did not pay. I explained to them multiple times that I have a confirmation of my order that states there is NO BALANCE DUE and that I was expecting no balance once I received the order confirmation. 
I am now out almost 100 dollars because the Geek Squad refused to honor what they had originally told me in the CONFIRMED order. This is ridiculous. I believe the right thing to do, since I was originally quoted no charge because I had the protection plan, would be to honor my first order and service. My money is tight right now as I am moving and was initially relieved when I was told this service was covered. This situation is absolutely unacceptable and I would like to hear how your company will make this right, without stating there is nothing you can do. Thank you.