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Re: Can't Reach Sedgwick Insurance Agent

I have a very similar issue with Sedgwick right now.  Best Buy cheerfully sent me to their insurance agent to avoid discussing damage to my floor from a faulty dishwawer installation (water damage).  It's been almost a month and I cannot get anyone at Sedgwick to call me to tell me where to submit pictures and estimates for damage. It is common courtesy.  Return a voicemail and take basic information so the process gets stared.  If you need a new bid, let me know.  However over a month to even get a clain started?!  That's ridiculous and frankly it falls back on Best Buy.  Sedgwick is acting on your behalf or as your agent.  You are only as good as your weakest link and from what I can see it is the public's faith that you stand behind your repairs.   I expected you to send a qualified and trained person to install my dishwasher.  I expected you would stand behind your negiligence when the dishwasher was installed wrong and leaked water for 36 hours.  I expected you to be apologetic and promptly work with me to repair the damage you caused.  





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Re: Can't Reach Sedgwick Insurance Agent

Greetings Conwayba,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum and thank you for reaching out to us regarding your concerns in reaching Sedgwick Claims Management Services. I can imagine being quite frustrated in your place as well as it is definitely expected that if a customer calls Sedgwick to make a claim they should be able to start that process.


From your message, it sounds like you have not been able to start the claim process with Sedgwick, though. This wouldn’t be at all the experience we would want for our customers as you should be able to get that claim started pretty easily by calling the Sedgwick claim line. To be clear, what phone number have you been calling? Was it (800) 620-7409 or did you call another number? If you called another number, I would advise to call the phone number I’ve posted above as that is the correct number for customers to begin the claim process. If you call that number today and are still unable to file a claim, please do reach out to me so I can look into this further.


If I misunderstood and you indeed have a claim started with Sedgwick that you haven’t heard back about, I’ll gladly look into that, too. In that situation, I would need your full name, phone number, email address, and Sedgwick Claim ID number. You should be able to send information to me privately by selecting the “private message” button in my signature.


I look forward to hearing back from you.



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