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Radio install, broken plastic, you signed the paper.

My radio in my truck finally went out after many years. My girlfriend surprised me and bought a new radio on and it qualified for free installation at our local store. We recieved a call about our appointment and came down to the store! Both bay doors were closed, so we went inside. The service desk told us to go back around and knock on the door, we drove back and doors were rolling up and we noticed three associates, one working on a project. We waited a few minutes before we were acknowledged and told to drive in. No big deal we have all day off just for this. We get out and go to the desk where one associate asks our info. At the same time another (tosses) a paper to us and says "fill out the top and sign the bottom" we do, then are told it would be about a hour. So we leave and walk to lunch. About 45min later we get a phone call saying that the truck is ready and can come pick it up but, "you have to get a manager to get it, because we have to go to lunch because of California" we say ok, because we understand that they were close to their fifth hour. We return to the store and get a manager, we take a look at the new radio and immediately noticed that there looked to be white grease on the plastic housing around the radio. Looking closer after it didnt wipe off, that there is a crack in the plastic and it is actually dryed superglue!!! A 3"x3" area covered in this superglue! Very very noticeable! We tell the manager immediately! She sees it and says she will try and get them back and find out what happened. So we wait in the store. About 15-20 minutes later the same associate that tossed us the paper to sign come up and asks " you had a question about the install?" I asked about the crack and the glue. He immediately tells me that "it was noted on the paper that you signed before the install" keep in mind the paper was blank when we signed it! I asked again a different way about the glue and broken plastic. And told again "it was noted on the paper YOU signed. Then he asked "can i do anything else for you" i said yes give me your manager! The manager said she would review the cameras and see if they were at fault. At the same time the installer went to the front and 'hung out' with the loss prevention person that was to review our issue! The manager came back and said that there was nothing to see and "we did not do the damage". Again we asked how to get this fixed, and told "we did not do any damage and you did sign the paperwork". We asked if we could call a corporate number to resolve this problem, but were told that they "would direct us back to the store to resolve the problem because it is at store level". About 10 more minutes later we have given up, no help, no sympathy, nothing to fix what now is being blamed on us! "We are not in control of how it comes in". We go to the install shop and wait for our paperwork to be printed. When standing there i see a bottle of superglue sitting out on the work bench as if it had just been used.. I take a picture, just thrn the manager walks back in and asks " do you need anymore pictures?" She was told by the loss prevention over her radio that we are taking pictures. The same radio the entire store can hear. Now we feel as if we are shoplifting!! And treaded with that type of attitude. We feel like we have been dragged through the mud and its our fault that our vehicals damage that was done by the installer was now our doing! Drained and embarrassed, we just want to leave. We go to our truck and back out. As we do I see a broken plastic clip that goes to a dash pannel. At this time, whats the point of saying something. We didnt even check to see if the radio worked. We just wanted to go home.
We are absolutely shocked how today went. And then looking for a replacement plastic part, and now having to pay another $208.99 to get it fixed, when should have never happend to begin with. I dont think we will ever go to a Best Buy for any products in the future.
Drained, blamed, and embarrassed.
"You signed the paper"
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Re: Radio install, broken plastic, you signed the paper.

Hello, Rancidtendicies,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us on the Best Buy forum. It’s disheartening to hear that you believe your vehicle was damaged by one of our Autotechs while they were installing a radio in your truck. If a vehicle is damaged, we would certainly expect our people to be honest in their interactions.


While I cannot promise a particular outcome, I would be happy to review this further. You did mention in your message that this purchase was made by your girlfriend as a gift for you. Due to Best Buy’s dedication to privacy, if the purchase and installation appointment were in someone’s name besides yours, we would need to speak with that individual about this going forward. Please see more about our Privacy Policy on our website here.


If I misunderstood and the installation appointment was in your name, can you please send me a private message with some additional information? I’ll need your full name, your phone number, your email address, your order number, your service appointment number (if available), and confirmation of which location is your local store. If you happen to remember the names of any of the managers that you spoke to that would be helpful, as well.


If this appointment was in your girlfriend’s name, would she be able to create her own forum account to reach out to us directly with that same information?  As you may already be aware, once someone is logged in to the forum, they should be able to send me a private message by selecting the blue “private message” button in my signature below this post.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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