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Problem With Recent Order

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I bought a new washer and dryer on July 11th which we had installed yesterday (07/15/19). There were several problems with the order and installation that were noticed once the installers left. I called customer support immediately afterward. I sat on hold for over 30 minutes after being told the wait time was less than five minutes and I still wasn't able to speak with anyone. Here are the issues we encountered and what I would like corrected:
1) When the dryer was installed and pushed back against the wall, the dryer vent was crushed completely closed. I'm attaching a {removed per forum guidelines} and {removed per forum guidelines}. This is a horrible fire and carbon monoxide hazard since the lint would get trapped and catch on fire. I want to be refunded for this since the vent was damaged upon installation and installed completely unacceptable and a fire hazard.
2) Since I could not get anyone to answer the phone support, we had to buy a new dryer vent from Home Depot and install it ourselves just so we could do all of our laundry. This cost us an extra $20.52. I want to be refunded for this amount as well for having to buy the supplies and do the installation ourselves.
3) The dryer vent kit that I bought from BestBuy says that it comes with two elbows and four clamps. We received two clamps and never received any elbows! I want the rest of the kit shipped to us so we can install the elbows ourselves correctly this time.
4) I tipped $40 ($20 each) to the two guys who installed the machines. This was obviously a mistake and it would be nice to have this amount refunded on my order as well.
This has been a horrible experience so far and I would like to be refunded for the improper installation, my expenses, and the terrible hassles we are having to go through to get this set up correctly ourselves.