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Poor customer service and system help!

I called in due to a message that I got when trying to file claim online stating unable to finish please call - and gave me support line number. I called to only be told that they can't help me and that I need to go online to do this. After explaining again that I tried that I was told again they can't help as they are going thru update with system, I then asked if I can call back in a day or when they think it would be available, at that time I was told firmly mame we can't help you as we are going thru update right now. I explained I understood that but wanted to know when I could call back and again with firm and irritated voice was told well we don't know this has been going on for over 2 mths now  and have no idea when it will be done, you will need to go online or to the store for assistance. I stated so you are telling me that you have no idea when you will be able to help anyone and answer was yes. I feel that if I ever acted like this when I received a call I would be in trouble with my supervisors and never would we tell someone that we have no idea when you will be able to assist. If there is an issue then your system should not be telling people online to call into support as they don't have a clue how to help. I will plan on getting this phone fixed and then will NEVER use this again for support, I hope that you train your staff better and also considering you are supposed to be a geek sqad to assist with issues you aren't doing a very good job with you own system working properly!

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Re: Poor customer service and system help!

Hi there, rkibler,


Welcome to our community forum and thank you for reaching out to us here about your recent experience with the Geek Squad. I would be happy to help make sure that your feedback gets to the right place. I'm not quite sure I understand what happened, can you please provide some additional information? What were you trying to get help with? Can you please clarify who you were speaking to when you called in?

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