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Poor Dryer and Washer Installation

I bought a WF45R6100AW Front Loading Dryer and a DVG45R6100W Front Loading Washer, and the SKK-8K stacking kit. The units were delivered on time. The installation was fairly quick.  After the installer left, I noticed there appeared to be ANOTHER set of stacking brackets plus a loose star-washer. I chased after the installer and was told "Don't worry about it, it's not required.  Being an engineer, it bothers me whenever someone says "don't worry about it", becuase that means something isn't done right and I HAVE TO worry about it, and the person just trying to talk himself out of making it right.


After going back into my house, I did some research and found the EXTRA brackets actually belong to SKK-7A stacking kit, which is what my washer manual says should be used.  So the questions are: why did Best Buy sell me SKK-8K? I paid for SKK-8K but I have SKK-7A laying on my floor, but they are actually the correct bracket?? I really don't get it.  Did Best Buy just decide to throw in an extra set of brackets for no good reason?? Did the kit actually come with 2 different sets of brackets?  I checked online, and found these are different brackets and normally they are not included with one another. So where did they come from?


I shined a flash light between the washer and dryer to see if ANY brackets are installed at all, and they are (but wrong ones?) I then noticed the semi-ridgid metal vent hose I had just purchased from Best Buy is severely pinched with the metal collapsed. I then used a selfie stick and mounted my phone so I can take a video to have a good look of what is going on behind the dryer vent....shouldn't have done that...I saw a big dent at the bottom of my new dryer. So...extra parts on the floor, collapsed vent hose and dented dryer.  The typical we-don't-give-a-rat's shoddy installation work by cheap labors America have grown to love and depend upon. Now I need Best Buy to come out again to replace the vent hose AND a new dryer...maybe this time, they can actually put in that extra star-washer I found where it belongs!