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Poor Communication Cost Me Money

I bought a refrigerator on Wednesday night. Sit there with the sales guy 10 minutes explaining to him that the address is a new build and it wasn't on the GPS. Gave him directions and everything. Spent, at least, 10 minutes doing all this. Delivery set for Friday between 1-3. Gotcha. No problem. Around 2:30 get a phone call from the delivery driver asking for the address. Did the same with him explaining how to get to the house. Cool. 30 minutes later I get a call again saying that they are at the apartment and no one is there. I'm like, "what apartment are you talking about. This is a house." Phone rings again in 10 minutes telling me that I gave them the wrong address and they can't deliver it. It'll be the first thing tomorrow, Saturday, and someone will give me a call.

Well, no call at 11 so I call Best Buy. "Oh, I'm sorry. It slipped my mind. I'll set it up now." Ten minutes later, "They'll have it there first thing Monday morning between 7-1." "No, that doesn't work for me. I can't call off work AGAIN just to have a refrigerator delivered. I make over $300 a day and the free delivery isn't worth it for me." "Well Sir, you gave them the wrong address." "What? Are you freaking serious? I spent 10 minutes telling that associate how to get to my house. Check the notes and you'll see." "Okay, I see it here. Sir, we're so sorry." "Don't be sorry, I'm going back to the house and grab my credit card and cancel the order. I'll never use this store again." "Sir? Sir?" CLICK!!!!!

I get to the store, the manager, not sure of his name, is waiting on me. He's all apologetic and offers me a $100 discount on the refrigerator. Mind you, I bought it over Memorial Day so it was on sale and I'm not able to get the refrigerator anywhere else for the price I paid so I'm stuck.

So, I talk to the manager and he calls the applicance and delivery people. They say they're going to try and get it out to me today. The manager gets off the phone and I get a text saying they'll deliver it on Monday between 7-1. I tell him that's another work day and I'll be losing another $300. He says to ignore the text. It was the earliest they had on the schedule but he's working to get it out today, Saturday. He's all apologetic again and we shake hands and I leave the store.

I leave the store thinking the issue has been resolved. I Hop in the car and before I get out of the parking lot I get another text. "Sorry Sir, but the soonest they can deliver the refrigerator is TUESDAY morning."I call the store again and ask to speak to the manager. He explains that the refrigerator will be there Monday morning and that there is nothing he can do and he's sorry.

So now, I'll be calling off again Monday Monday hoping the refrigerator gets delivered. I should have paid the regular price for the refrigerator. The $800 off due to the sale wasn't really worth the $600+ I'll be losing for calling off.
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Re: Poor Communication Cost Me Money

Hello Pey739,


Thank you for reaching out to us on the forums to make us aware of your experience. 

I would be happy to discuss the situation in full with you to ensure everything has been rectified since you posted this. 

Please send me a private message using the button to the right of my signature below.

I will need your full name, phone number, and email address.




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