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Paid for haulaway - did not get what was paid for

I have had an extremely poor experience buying from you.


The story starts last week.  I ordered a refridgerator and scheduled a delivery, installation, and haulaway last week.  The deliveryguy was 3 hours late, and then he claimed there were scratches on the door. 


Confused, I asked him how he would be able to see that since the unit should be boxed.  And I definitely did not see any deliverytrucks outside.  After some hemming and hawing on his end, I asked for pics.  Spoiler alert: I never received it.  But I get it - sometimes we can't make deliveries on time and some customers lose out.  So I reschedule the delivery for today, and make very clear that nothing was done - not the delivery and definitely not the haulaway.


Today, I have two delivery guys here who say they cannot take away the old fridge since it wasn't on the order form, and BestBuy claims to have completed the haulaway last week.  They say their hands are tied since they can't get to whatever warehouse BB uses to store haul-aways and they aren't allowed to just take random appliances.  Now, I'm stuck with two fridges because I can't just keep ruining my weekend scheduling these stupid things and I need a working fridge.  I'm not quite sure how difficult it is to make good on delivery/installation/takeaway...I thought it was pretty easy whenever I've bought from other stores, but apparently things got tough since then because BB is godawful at it.


Overall this has been an extremely poor experience and honestly I should have listened to friends when they said not to buy from you guys.  WTH am I supposed to do now?

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Re: Paid for haulaway - did not get what was paid for

Hello GeicoGecko,


I'm sorry to hear about the overall experience you've had with delivery from Best Buy.  This is certainly not the type of experience we want for any of our customers and I apologize that it hasn't been a positive experience for you. Can you tell me who you've been working with to schedule your haul away?



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