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Good Afternoon. I recently purchased a washer and dryer from Best Buy. The delivery was scheduled for Wednesday, July 10. The delivery men came and said they were contractors and could not install it that day as promised because they did not have the connections. So they left both washer and dryer in the living room and said they would have someone follow up with me about installation. After a couple days of no communication to me I called over a dozen times to a bunch of different numbers because I was either calling the wrong department or they did not have someone to immediately help me so they would just have someone call me back. Then they rescheduled the new installation date to be Thursday, July 18 without even letting me know through phone even though  I kept being told I would be called back. I then tried to move the date up because I needed clean clothes and had still not had anything installed. Still no response. I called the local Best Buy store and luckily convinced the manager of appliances and his coworker to come and install it probably because they felt bad since I was in complete tears. They came and installed the washer and dryer but then pointed out a crack on the dryer from when the contractors that were supposed to install the appliances and instead they just left them there and dinged up the dryer. I tried calling to schedule the contractors that were coming to do the installation the one that had been pushed to Thursday, July 18 to see if they could please bring a new dryer and just exchange the dryers and install it since this ding was caused by them. The contractor told me he would have someone call me about this and funny enough I have still yet to hear anything from anyone at Best Buy or the contract company they use for delivery and installation. This is incredibly disappointing and no matter how many times I call I get redirected to a customer service number that tells me I have to wait for an hour and forty minutes. Please someone help me.