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After the thousands of dollars I spent at Best Buy, I'm disgusted with the service, the Geek Squad online Chat experience, the fact that you hire installers from Phoenix to drive to Flagstaff for pickup and then to Sedona for delivery and install.


I'm one of the busiest Realtors in Sedona and do about $40 Million a year in business. Why is that important to you? Because I'm going to BLAST social media to avoid using Best Buy both online and in the store! I will be telling ALL my customers NOT to buy anything from Best Buy and I will share why. Today, I received a call at 11:10 A.M. from Cesar {deleted per forum guidelines} and then 40 minutes later from his manager: {deleted per forum guidelines} who told me they need to cancel my install and asked if they can just install tomorrow and BLAMED BEST BUY. Cesar told me he didn't know what he's installing. He proceeded to tell me he's in Phoenix, has to drive all the way to Flagstaff and didn't know this. He also said they didn't have a work order to install two TV's and the soundbars and he said he's only one person and can't install the two TV's I purchased, both 43" into drywall himself. I contacted Geek Squad online and after 14 minutes of silence and asked to immediately speak with a manager, Sandy told me to call Geek Squad. I was on hold and #43 in line. The day would be over by the time I would be able to speak to someone as it appears. 


Then, I am asked by the installment manager if they can install tomorrow, Saturday. I have a $2-3 million dollar buyer coming tomorrow. What disgusts me, is I had to pay my buyer's agent $250.00 to show my buyers 3 listings today so I could work around the BEST BUY INSTALLERS. I'm completely disgusted with the lack of professionalism. With the lack of care for your customers. And, there's no one I can talk to today about this bad experience. As a result, I'm going to cancel and return the entire order, purchase my items at Costco, and hire my own handyman to install.


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Hi, JeanetteSauer,


Thanks for connecting with us on our forums. I am truly sorry to hear that you had some installation issues and then getting support after. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and it's disappointing to hear that you didn't get to experience this. 


We know how valuable your time is, especially being a realtor. While we cannot change what has already happened, we would love to document your experience here at our corporate office to help us better serve our customers in the future. Would you be able to send us a Private Message including your order number, full name, phone number, and email address so that we can document this? 

Austin|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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